Aardvark Races: Examining the Unique Running Abilities of the Mammal


The aardvark, or Orycteropus afer, is an unusual mammal native to Sub-Saharan Africa. It is a nocturnal creature, living in open grasslands and savannas and is the only living species of its order. Its most notable physical feature is its long snout, which is used to search for food, mainly ants and termites.

An Unusual Running Style

The aardvark has an unusual running style and can move at an estimated speed of up to 30 mph. This mammal is well-adapted for running, with its long legs and wide feet. Its wide feet act like snowshoes, helping it to gain traction when running on sandy or loose terrain.

Aardvark Races

Aardvarks are known to participate in races that are hosted in certain parts of Africa. These races are not the same as horse races, as the aardvarks usually move at a much slower pace. The aardvark races usually involve the animal running in a straight line for a certain distance, typically around 100 meters.

Aardvark Racing as a Sport

The sport of aardvark racing has been gaining popularity in recent years. The races are often organized by local communities and feature not just aardvarks, but also other animals like tortoises and hares. The races are said to be quite exciting and the winners are often rewarded with prizes.


The aardvark is an unusual mammal with an interesting running style. It is capable of running at speeds of up to 30 mph and is even known to participate in races. Aardvark racing has become an increasingly popular sport in certain parts of Africa, and the races can provide spectators with an exciting experience.

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