Gestation and Maturation of Beaver Babies

Gestation and Maturation of Beaver Babies


Beavers are monogamous mammals and have a gestation period of around 110 days. During this time, female beavers will build a nest to prepare for the arrival of their young. The nest is typically made up of sticks and other vegetation, which the female beaver will line with her fur. She will then give birth to an average of three to four kits, or baby beavers, in the nest.


Baby beavers are born blind and completely dependent on their mother for the first few months of their lives. They will drink their mother’s milk for the first eight to twelve weeks before beginning to eat solid food. During this time, the mother will take great care of her young, protecting them from predators and teaching them how to swim and forage for food. The baby beavers will start to explore outside the nest around two months old, and will be fully weaned by five months.

Once the beaver kits are weaned, they will start to explore their surroundings and learn survival skills from their parents. At around nine months old, the kits will become independent and will start to build their own lodges. They will also start to mate and reproduce, establishing their own family units.


Beaver moms take great care of their young, providing them with a safe and secure environment while they are still developing. After the gestation period and maturation period, the kits become independent and start to build their own lodges, mate, and reproduce, creating their own family units.

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