Helping Buffalo Populations Recover

Helping Buffalo Populations Recover

Preserving Buffalo Habitats

Buffalo, or American Bison, are iconic animals in North America and a symbol of the American West. These large and majestic creatures are an important part of the ecosystem and are currently listed as threatened species. It is estimated that the population has decreased by 95% since the 1800s, but with the help of conservation efforts, the population is slowly recovering.

The biggest factor in the decline of the buffalo population is the destruction of their natural habitat. Buffalo need large open spaces to roam and feed, such as prairies and grasslands. To help preserve their habitats, there are organizations dedicated to purchasing land and setting it aside for buffalo conservation. The Buffalo Field Campaign is one of the leading organizations in this effort, and has purchased over 20,000 acres of habitat for the buffalo.

Promoting Coexistence with Humans

In addition to preserving habitats, conservationists are also working to promote coexistence between buffalo and humans. This involves educating people on the importance of the buffalo, and teaching them how to safely interact with them. The National Parks Service has been instrumental in this effort, providing educational materials and programs to help people learn about the buffalo and how to coexist with them.

In some areas, buffalo are allowed to roam freely, with the understanding that they are wild animals and should be treated with respect. This means keeping a safe distance and not attempting to approach them or feed them. In these areas, people are also encouraged to report any buffalo that are injured or in distress, so that conservationists can help them.

Protecting Buffalo from Poachers and Predators

The illegal poaching of buffalo is still a problem in some areas, and conservationists are working to protect the buffalo from poachers. The Buffalo Field Campaign has a number of volunteers who patrol the area, looking for poachers and helping to protect the buffalo. They also work with local law enforcement to ensure poachers are prosecuted.

In addition, conservationists are working to protect the buffalo from predators such as wolves and bears. They are using a variety of methods to help keep the predators away, such as erecting fences, using deterrents, and providing extra food sources. These efforts are helping to protect the buffalo and ensure that the population can continue to recover.


Buffalo are an important part of the North American ecosystem, and their population is slowly recovering with the help of conservation efforts. Organizations such as the Buffalo Field Campaign are working to preserve their habitats and promote coexistence with humans. They are also working to protect the buffalo from poachers and predators. All of these efforts are helping to ensure that the buffalo population can continue to recover and thrive.

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