Life of a Crow: A Day in the Life

Life of a Crow: A Day in the Life

Early Morning

Crows are often seen at dawn, perched in trees or flying in the sky. This is when they are most active, searching for food and socializing with others. Crows usually spend the first hour of the day foraging for food. They may scavenge for scraps left behind by humans or search for food in the grass and trees. After they have filled their bellies, they will often sit in a nearby tree or a telephone wire or fence post, surveying their surroundings.


As the morning progresses, crows will become more social. They will join together in groups, sometimes called “murders”, and fly around together. They may also engage in play, such as chasing each other, or participating in a game of tug-of-war. Crows often congregate in large numbers in open areas, such as fields and parks. This is a great time to observe them and their behavior.


At noon, crows will often return to their roosts, which can be in trees, bushes, or even on rooftops. Here they will rest, groom themselves, and take a break from the heat of the day. During this time, they will also use their distinctive “caw” call to communicate with each other.


In the afternoon, crows will start to become active again. They will often fly in search of more food, or engage in more social activities. They may also take part in a variety of courtship rituals, such as flying and calling in circles. Crows are also known to gather in large numbers around food sources, such as garbage cans and bird feeders.


As the day winds down, crows will return to their roosts to rest for the night. They will also use this time to communicate with each other and share information about food sources. This is a great time to observe them if you are looking for a peaceful evening stroll.


Crows are fascinating creatures, and they have an interesting daily routine. Next time you come across a murder of crows, take a moment to observe them and appreciate their complex social behaviors.

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