Varying Behaviors: Exploring the Different Types of Coyote Calls

Varying Behaviors: Exploring the Different Types of Coyote Calls


Coyotes are a remarkable species of wild canine native to North America. They are known to be highly adaptable, intelligent animals that are capable of living in wide-ranging habitats. Coyotes are also known for their vocalizations, which can be used to communicate different types of messages, such as warnings and territorial claims. In this article, we will explore the different types of calls that a coyote can make.

Alarm Calls

Coyotes use alarm calls to alert other coyotes of a potential danger or threat in the area. These calls sound like a high-pitched yipping and consist of several short, sharp barks in succession. The alarm call is also used to let other coyotes know of the presence of a predator. Other coyotes will respond to the alarm call by either fleeing or hiding until the potential danger has passed.

Greeting Calls

Coyotes also use greeting calls when they come across another coyote in the area. This call is usually made up of several short, sharp yips and is used to identify the caller and to initiate friendly interaction. This call is often accompanied by a tail wag, which is used as a sign of greeting.

Courtship Calls

Coyotes also use courtship calls to attract potential mates. These calls can sound like a high-pitched howl and are used to advertise their availability to other coyotes. The courtship call is also used to invite other coyotes to join them in a den or to engage in a courtship ritual.

Territorial Calls

Coyotes also use territorial calls to mark their territory and ward off potential competitors. These calls sound like a long, low howl, and are used to announce their presence and to establish dominance over their territory. Territorial calls are also used to warn other coyotes to stay away from their territory.

Group Howl

Group howls are a type of call that is used by coyotes to maintain contact with each other. This call sounds like a chorus of high-pitched yips and is used to signal the presence of other coyotes in the area. Group howls are also used to coordinate hunting and travel activities.


Coyotes are remarkable animals that use a variety of vocalizations to communicate with each other. From alarm calls to territorial calls, coyotes have an impressive range of vocalizations that they use to communicate different messages. Understanding the different types of calls that a coyote can make can provide valuable insight into their behavior and help us better understand and appreciate these fascinating creatures.

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