Your Guide to the Cassowary’s Diet

Your Guide to the Cassowary's Diet

Cassowary Diet: A Comprehensive Guide

The cassowary is an extraordinary species of bird that lives in the tropical rainforest of Australia, New Guinea, and other nearby areas. It is an omnivore, meaning it eats both plants and animals, and its diet is extremely varied. This makes it an ideal species to study in order to learn more about the food web of the rainforest. Read on to learn more about what makes up the cassowary’s diet.

Fruits and Seeds

Fruits and seeds are a major part of the cassowary’s diet. The cassowary is able to open hard-shelled fruits and seeds with its strong beak, and it typically prefers the sweet fruits of the rainforest. It also eats the seeds of these fruits, which provide it with the nutrients it needs. In addition to the fruits and seeds of the rainforest, the cassowary also eats the fruits and nuts of nearby crops and gardens. This can sometimes be a problem for farmers, as the cassowary can damage crops if it is not deterred.

Insects and Small Animals

Insects, worms, and small animals make up a significant portion of the cassowary’s diet. It uses its sharp claws and beak to catch and eat insects, such as ants, beetles, and grasshoppers. It also consumes small animals like frogs, lizards, and snakes. The cassowary is an excellent hunter and is able to catch its prey quickly. This makes it a valuable predator in the rainforest, helping to keep the population of small animals in balance.


Plants form the bulk of the cassowary’s diet. It is able to eat a wide variety of plants, including ferns, grasses, leaves, and other vegetation. The cassowary is an important disperser of rainforest seeds, as it is able to eat and digest large amounts of seeds, which it then excretes in its droppings. This helps to repopulate the rainforest with new plants and helps to keep the ecosystem balanced.


The cassowary is also an opportunistic scavenger and will occasionally eat the eggs of other animals, such as birds, lizards, and turtles. This is especially common during the wet season, when food is scarce and the cassowary needs to supplement its diet. This behavior helps to keep the population of these animals in balance, as the cassowary will not eat more than it needs.


The cassowary is an amazing species of bird that has adapted to survive in the tropical rainforest. It is an omnivore, meaning it eats both plants and animals, and its diet is extremely varied. It eats fruits and seeds, insects and small animals, plants, and eggs. Its varied diet helps to keep the food web of the rainforest in balance and it is an important disperser of seeds. Understanding the cassowary’s diet is important to understanding the rainforest ecosystem and the role that the cassowary plays in it.

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