Myths and Legends about the Cassowary


The cassowary is a large, flightless bird found in the tropical forests of Australia, New Guinea, and some nearby islands. They are the third tallest and second heaviest birds in the world, and are considered a threatened species due to habitat loss. They are also steeped in myth and legend, and have been an important part of the cultural history of their native countries for centuries.


The cassowary is an impressive bird, with a large body, black feathers, and brightly colored wattles and casques. It has a long, strong neck and a sharp, curved beak. It is also the only bird in the world with three toes on each foot, making it well adapted for running and swimming.

Myths and Legends

The cassowary has long been a part of the mythology and folklore of its native countries. In some cultures, it is believed that the cassowary is a symbol of strength and power, while in others, it is thought to be a messenger of the gods or a guardian of the forest. Some legends even claim that the cassowary can speak and can bestow special powers upon those who hear it.

The Rainbow Bird

One of the most popular myths about the cassowary is the legend of the rainbow bird. This story tells of a cassowary that was so beautiful that its feathers shone in all the colors of the rainbow. When it flapped its wings, rainbows would appear in the sky. The bird was so beloved that the gods decided to make it immortal, and it was said to still fly through the sky, creating rainbows whenever it passed.

The Giant Cassowary

In some cultures, it is believed that the cassowary is the ancestor of all birds, and that it was once a giant creature. In these stories, the cassowary is said to have been so massive that it could swallow a man whole and so powerful that it could bring down a tree with a single blow. The gods were said to have been so impressed with the creature’s strength and beauty that they decided to shrink it down and make it a symbol of power and protection.

The Cassowary’s Curse

In some cultures, it is believed that the cassowary carries a curse. According to legend, anyone who harms the bird will suffer a terrible fate or be cursed with bad luck. This myth has been used to help protect the cassowary from hunters, as it is believed that the bird will bring misfortune to anyone who tries to hurt it.


The cassowary is an impressive bird, and its myths and legends have been a part of its native countries for centuries. From stories of its giant size to tales of its power to bring rainbows from the sky, the cassowary is a fascinating creature that has captured the imaginations of people for generations.

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